Dimitra Papavassiliou has completed her studies in physiotherapy by doing her Masters in Spa – Thalassotherapy (ITEC). She owes the beginning of her career, as she has told us, to the permanent residents of Alonissos.

We all start from somewhere and me – from Alonissos, from where I come from. My island has greatly supported me, giving me strength and joy to continue this profession, which I love so much. This is the main reason I chose it.
Dimitra Papavassiliou

Acquiring a wide customer base with the locals and the tourists of the island, Dimitra Papavassiliou continued her professional career in Athens where she grew as a professional therapist through her hard work. Even now, she wont stop enriching her knowledge and she is constantly attending seminars on her subject.

We should never rest on what we know, because it is never enough and only through continuous learning will our work stand out. Everything around us is progressing rapidly and physiotherapy as well. As the purpose is not to be just good, the good ones are many, especially in such a competitive profession. The purpose is to be excellent, so your own services will be preferred.
Dimitra Papavassiliou

Types of therapies included in the services:
Healing massage, Muscle relaxing massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, Massage 4 Hands, Head massage, Body massage, Holistic massage, Pregnancy massage, Athletic massage, Lymphatic massage, Massage with Shells, Hot stones massage, Deep Tissue massage, Slimming massage, facial treatments.

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