I dedicate this article to Becky.

An trying-new-foodinteresting topic I would like to discuss with you is eating for your Blood Type. Not all healthy food is healthy for your Blood Type. So, in today’s busy world it’s important for you to know how the food you eat affects your overall health. Today’s research indicates that some foods are highly beneficial and can act like medicine in your body, other foods are neutral and other foods are detrimental and can act like poison; and this depends an your Blood Type.

So, to see the table to find what foods are beneficial and detrimental for you according to your Blood Type check out: http://www.soulcraft.co/info/food_chart.htm


exercise2-sliced_05-6501If you follow the diet for your Blood Type you will not just lose weight but you will improve your general health and prevent diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, ect. Also, you feel better, have no desire for sweets and are not hungry between meals. In addition, there are exercises that are most effective for your Blood Type. For example, aerobic exercises help the Blood Type O group’s metabolism to work better. If you ask what relation there is between the Blood Type, food and exercise, the answer is that all the parts of the body work together in harmony. To have a healthy body you need to have the right balance of muscle and body fat. The whole idea behind this type of diet is to enable your metabolism to work more efficiently through exercise and the food you eat. The final result is that your body can find and keep it’s proper weight.

For more information check out: http://www.dadamo.com/txt/index.pl?1011

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