13886334_312047752469356_1725389844127800503_nBeauty can be in our looks, it can also be within us. And it is known that many times the wrapper may fool you. Many times if you add a bad outward appearance, with a wonderful inner world, you will be surprised at how high the sum will come out. This may also be the case.

I was thinking about what they say that beauty is subjective. And what does “subjective” mean anyway? It is when you are liked by another person or more people than justo ne. And the more people who find you attractive, the more beautiful you are considered to be. Of course, we tend to comfort people who are considered to be ugly using the idea of subjectivism. In fact, however, we tell them that they are not liked by many people, and this is not particularly pessimistic. Beauty is not about us, and it is not our own characteristic, that we either have it or we don’t. I ‘ll explain.

We all have some external gifts. We have a specific body shape, a facial shape, a skin color. We all have a character, a personality with positive and negative elements. And all of us were born and we were raised with these data and analogies. We exist and we are. And all that shapes and characterizes us is pieces of ourselves.

Beauty is something that has been made over the years and is changing. It changes from place to place, from season to season, from day to day. And if one thinks about it beauty is a criterion. It is an epithet, an umbrella that covers other concepts and elements that each of us has or has not. It is a way of characterizing people around us and sometimes ourselves. Beauty, in other words, is not indefinable, it has a name and description or better several descriptions. And under her caption you ‘ll see features like thin silhouette, bodywork, blue eyes. But you will also see kindness, courtesy, humor.

Being thin or having a shiny smile makes you accepted by the many and thus beautiful. It is that people have formed an image of the beautiful on their head. We know what we expect to see. We know what we want to look at in order to say that someone is beautiful. And this has nothing to do with the standards of the time but with the standards of our own self.

We work with codes in society. Codes and numbers. And these codes are what dictates us and the view that we have for ourselves and others around us and our feelings.

When you think you are ugly, you believe it because the concept of nice does not correspond to the image in your mind and the poster on your wall by a famous actor or singer. And those who ultimately try to improve their external and internal appearance do not want to be beautiful. They want to change to become more acceptable, they want to be considered beautiful. More broadly, those who are roaming, do not believe in themselves, they do not accept what they trully are and therefore they are not self-confident.

Multinationals, businesses and the world have all been enriched because we live in our own little world. And in the end perhaps it could not be in any other way. We can not live in the air, we can not say that everything is possible, everything is either that way or another. We can not say that everything is beautiful or at least let’s say that everything is not beautiful for everyone. It is for some and for others it is not. That’s all for today!

In the photo is the author of the text – George Doumanidis with one of the models that he works with – beautiful Darina Lisenko.

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