Do you hear the hubbub? Ηubbub from the crowd. An army of people you meet daily. Whispers that violently pierce your ears, but you still can not decode them because of the crowd of mouths. Mouths and people you meet on the path of your life. With some of them you exchange conversations, with others just some nods, and some of them you do not not even see them as you pass them blurred.

Many people, familiar and unknown, who claim your moments and fill your day. But when your day is over, how many of them are there with you? How many are left for you to share the experiences of your joint trip during the day? How many of them stayed there to help you during the moments you felt weak and tired?

How many of them came to you, when the darkness of your loneliness covered you, to give you such a tight hug that would shatter your fear? Certainly not many or at least not all those who fill your daily life. Why; Of course, because the human protagonists in your life, your people, are measured on the fingers of one hand. Yes, that is true, so stop wasting your moments giving them to wildcards. To people polymorphic, superficial and fake.

Find those who know your most strange secrets, those who know the perverse pleasure you find when you eat chocolate with chips each time you see your favorite foolish romantic film for the 100th time. Those you do not have to talk to in order for them to understand each other and have practiced the terrifying ability to read your eyes.


Those who always believed in you, those who are missing you. And be careful now! Do not look for those people who you miss! They usually do not miss you, because if they missed you, they would probably be next to you right now.

Finally, find those people that your hugs formed the most harmonious whole as you melted into each other whispering I love you. What; You have never done this before? And what are you waiting for then? If you do not tell them, to your protagonists, then to who will you say it? Will you once again engrave these precious words to people who do not deserve or reciprocate it so falsely that they do not even believe it at that moment?

To someone who will try to find space and time in his life for a small sample of yourself? Find those who are integral to your life and you are an essential ingredient in their own. Do not rest in small and consumable samples of people who make guest appearances and then leave.

Relationships are not born, but they are built on words, acts, emotions, pain, and joy. So hurry up! Look for them and distinguish them among the squabbles left by the unnecessary people you are stalling in your empty routine. Your important people, those who each time you kept looking to see besided you because of insecurity of being alone, were there like a solid and mindful support.


Do not stand back on people who fade away and never get back to you. If you get used to them sooner or later, you will stay alone. Alone in your busy life wondering what is responsible for this unreasonable loneliness. A loneliness that usually dries out in the evenings when the lights of the glamorous performance of your life turn off.

Look behind people’s mask. Try to discern behind their faces and see their soul. To see their vulnerable side, the secret pieces of themselves, to live them completely and not superficially and hastily.

If you are not sure about who your people are, then do an experiment. Dare to take off you mark to those people that surround your life. And then you will see who will recognize you… Those who looked at you, embraced and smiled at you! Take care of them. Do not neglect them, embrace them, tell them I love you. These are your people…

The photographic material presented in the text is from the personal collection of Ani Jo:

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