I’ll tell you something… There are some Fridays, maybe a lot of them, that you do not want to see anyone. Either because the ones you really want are far away, or because you have not yet found the one who you will allow to enter your Friday and who will end up tolerating it and loving it.

Whatever happens there is a secret that I will share with you. You have to learn to love the little freak that you are hiding inside. That little freak that wants to wear its sweats and hasn’t brushed its hair, the one that will never compromise and will always be a teenager, what most of the people hide under nice clothes and drag every day to their job. If you do not have it then you are lucky. If you still have it then you may be even luckier but you do not know it yet. So love it and teach it, give yourself some space and learn new things. Eventually that little freak will find what makes it fulfilled, whether it’s a man or a job, certainly something not “normal” because it will not stand it either, or something else that my mind does not feel right now. Once you love it you will see it beautify, you will accept it and it will not look like a freak anymore, it will be beautiful, very beautiful. And once it becomes beautiful, the others around you will love it too. Make a corner in your house and indulge in doing what it pleases to do, it might want to learn music, it might want to become a dancer or chef, or it might still want to give up everything and do something that it still has not figured out what it is. It will find it… As you learn new things, it will find it. All you have to do is allow it to learn new things. On Fridays sitting in its corner. On its own while it matures.

Teach it how to turn away negative people, learn new worlds, learn to accept its mistakes, eat good food, drink fine wines, read stories, and believe that it is staring in a paranoid film by Tarantino; come on it knows that it is not staring in one, do not be stupid, it’s smart, after all you have taught it so much.

Because the little freak you hide inside you will one day prove to be right…


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