The hottest trends for the winter of 2016-2017 have just arrived. On the occasion of the four top fashion weeks held in mid-September-October in popular fashion capitals (Paris, Milan, London, New York), renowned bloggers and fashion editors showed us which street styles this year will be in fashion and how we can integrate them in our own style.

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Sic Gothic – Sic Punk Style.
It’s obvious: 90s are back! The golden decade of Kate Moss comes to life once again in this year’s catwalks. Big fashion houses and fashionistas combine the glamorous form of street style with the “dark side” of this year’s fashion by bringing back all those gothic-punk details that reminiscent of adolescent dressing sometime in 1999-2000. Floral, leather and skirts, chokers – velvet and not – are some of the basic elements of Chic Gothic – Punk. Dare to wear black hiking boots and the tortoise tractor booties to achieve that style.

Tip: Replace your necklace with a black (leather or velvet) choker.


°   °   °

Chic and classy.
The eternal look, as one would say, is nothing else but the office look. Striped and monochrome jackets with matching trousers and skirts made their appearance in this year’s Winter Style. Get inspired by the following ideas and adopt the style now.

Tip: Add your own touches, put color on the bag you hold even on your high heels to avoid conservative ideas.


°   °   °

Oversized love.

A new trend in this year’s Street Style is the oversized one. It may be the most relaxed and relieving trend of winter as clothes do not follow the body line and usually are 1 – 2 sizes larger than normal. Oversized can be applied to both sweatshirts and sweaters as well as “see-through” shirts for a sharper result.

Key words: Satin – Velvet – white t-shirt.


°   °   °

A great comeback in this year’s catwalks that inspired bloggers and fashion icons seem to be satin and velvet dresses and accessories, giving it a more dramatic and romantic character. Combine a nice velvet / satin skirt or dress and even some velvet jackets with a plain white T-Shirt making your look more youthful and fancy.

Tip: Try not to mix many different fabrics in order to avoid excessiveness.


°   °   °
Trench coats and accessories.
Trench coats and jackets seem to have “shaken” this fashion week. Fashionistas and fashion editors have preferred victorian trench coats in mostly terracotta colors, while some have dared bomber and military jackets for a more comfortable and youthful look.


°   °   °

Ankle boots and over – the – knee boots.

It is a fact that our ankle boots have long stolen our heart. They are comfortable and can be worn from mid autumn until spring fitting with all the clothes and coats of your wardrobe. This year, however, a new trend has come to revolutionize you. The over-the-knee boots may not have started with the best reputation because of the pretty woman but from this year they will warm you up and at the same time make you more stylish than ever.


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