Even though winter came late to Greece this year, we can finally let ourselves enjoy this year’s trends freely. Something that occupies women’s minds daily, is the texture of their clothes, how to layer them correctly, and how to combine them, in dealing with a simple suit set and a sweater. The winter of 2018-2019 shows us that it’s a period for comfort, warmth, and elegance. This way, you could combine some “unforeseen” fabrics and create the stylish look that you want through many contrasts.

  • All the way satin.

This year’s number 1 trend in fabrics is the combination of satin. Satin fabric can appear thin, as if for the spring, but big chain stores suggest its combination with other pieces like oversized sweaters. One of this year’s “smart” purchases suggest midi-maxi satin skirts or dresses, combined with long-sleeve sweatshirts, polo necks, and thick jackets. Also, don’t forget that long kimonos are considered satin dresses.

Tip: A midi skirt in lighter tones like blue or pistachio green is suggested, so that it can be worn throughout the year, with other winter or spring pieces. Still, if you prefer a long dress, chose a burgundy or black color, combined with rough-cut boots, to achieve a rock chic look.

  • Côtelé

One of the fabrics that returned from the late 90s and early 2000s is the corduroy. It’s easily combined with thin t-shirts and sweaters, and it’s great for a layering look. Something that you need to pay attention to is the color of the piece you’ll choose, whether it’s a high-waisted pair of trousers, a jacket, an overall, or a skirt, since corduroy is a peculiar fabric with greatly embossed texture. So, you can choose between corduroy in darker colors like purple, burgundy, and olive-green, in order to make your style special and eccentric easily and effortlessly, or in beige colors, to achieve easier combinations with other special pieces of your wardrobe.


For you who are impressed by the corduroy trend, look for high-heels of the same fabric, for an even more eccentric style.

  • Houndstooth

This type of checkered style called Houndstooth has come to stay for much longer, giving each style the class and elegance it deserves. This strange fabric can be found in shops in various pieces like overcoats, high-waisted trousers, and skirts.

Tip: Combine your Houndstooth trousers with your favorite oversized sweater and high-heel ankle boots to create a great morning look. Also, you should prefer the Houndstooth fabric in other colors like beige or black and white with brown or red details.

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