To get a trendy look, I would advise you to choose pieces of monochrome pallets, for example that of black – they are timeless and are worn and combined easilly.

If you have not found your own personal style and are not sure which colors represent you, just turn to black and you will always be properly dressed. Create your own black look by transforming your outfit from couture to sport and wear it not only during the day but also in the evening to sophisticated events making your everyday life easier.

So let me show you my favorite pieces on monochrome black pallets from the first collection of Autumn-Winter 2015-16 of the new Greek fashion brand – 4tailors. The 4Tailors Collection is influenced by the Scandinavian style with street conception, making the garment of a modern, dynamic woman more comfortable while maintaining its elegance and femininity.


To be the center of attention, you do not have exaggerate in your outfit, endangering yourself to be commented negatively…

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