Fall has arrived, as has the time to enjoy our hot coffee or tea in our hot sweaters. This year, though, the game seems to change, because the colors that we will deal with are the red of the fire, and the olive-green, since we’ve already seen them combined with fancy pieces like Vinyl skirts and ankle boots from fashion experts. But since it’s a complex time where you’re not sure what to wear, cloudy one day and raining the next, cold in the morning and hot in the evening, we give you 5 ways to dress for every hour of the day.  

  • Cigarette pants.

Maybe it’s too hot for your favorite sweater, but you surely can’t go without your key pants. Cigarette pants will not only revitalize your Fall outfit, but they are also a great choice for you who loves the French style. We suggest plaid pants, in black and white colors, since it seems they are this year’s new trend. Of course, those pants can be worn at any time, with either sports or flat shoes, or even with mules and high-heels.

TipCombine your cigarette pair of pants or jeans with oversized pieces like shirts, sweaters, or scarves.

  • Did you just say Pajama Style?

Yeah, yeah. In this point, we’re glad to announce that the designers thought of you, pajama lovers, as well, you who love your relaxation, and made your favorite satin pajamas a trend. We are of course speaking about well-made clothes with embroidered details that create various discreet motifs. So, you’re not only stylish for every moment of the day, but you’ll also feel comfortable, as if you’re in your own house even in your evening coffee date downtown. This, of course, is an issue we’ll discuss some other time.

Tip: If you feel that this particular trend is somewhat “too much” but also somewhat interesting, try to wear a pajama top with your favorite high-waisted pair of jeans, so your outfit can become elegant, comfortable, and discreet.

  • Tunics.

Tunics will of course be a focus this year as well, since they go with almost any kind of clothes in our wardrobe, and it’s a timeless trend. This time, though, we suggest tunics in warm colors or embroidered, and worn with trainers or ankle boots.

Tip Wear your Shirt-dress with a pair of high-waisted cigarette jeans and decorate it with a thin belt or a corset, and give a “New York-ish” air to your look.


  • Jackets

Jackets seem to be clearly back on the runways, and the fashion cities’ street style is on fire. We suggest Plaid or single-colored jackets worn with jeans or trousers and maxi skirts, while you can also “listen” to the Parisians who decorate their jackets with pins or black wide or thin belts around their waist.

  • Vinyl skirts

These skirts are here to stay, and this year they can be worn easily with your favorite sweater or t-shirt, and even with a simple shirt. Combine the vinyl skirt with ankle boots and a hat to give some 90s vibes to your outfit.

  • Shock it off!

Play around with your outfit, decorating it with over-the-knee socks or ankle socks, giving it color and style. Don’t be afraid to follow the trend of the fishnet stocking, adding your socks to metallic colors and your pair of vans.

Tip: Fishnet socks are a good solution for you who don’t want to be too diligent with your outfit; who said that no one looks at the details?


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