• Athletic Chic!

It’s a fact that the Athletic Chic look has entered our life, since with little stylistic details, we can enjoy the comfort and relaxation of our favorite sweatshirt in the job or on our outings, without losing style and elegance. Discover this year as well, the oversized sweatshirts that can be worn easily for most hours of the day, combined with jeans and tights, and of course Vinyl – or not – trousers.

Tip: Combine your favorite oversized sweatshirt with your Over-the-knee boots for a more alternative look. Also, you can combine it with a winter zip-culotte and thigh-high socks.


  • Skirts and dreams.

The time has come to experiment with midi and maxi skirts, and why not adopt a new Chic-classic Style. Combine your pleated maxi skirt with a long oversized sweater, and tie a thin or medium belt around your waist. Avoid over-ankle boots if you’re short, and don’t hesitate to add more details to your outfit like many small pieces of jewelry around your neck, or big earrings, to give a Parisian mood to your outfit.

Tip: You can even combine your transparent maxi skirt with a tight single-colored body, without forgetting your thick coat!

  • Military Trousers.

A new trend for this year is military trousers. We aren’t talking about military pants and shirts, of course, but the golden-embroidered military trousers and jackets that were designed initially by the Ralph Lauren house. We suggest the military trousers in wide or narrow cuts that are showed off better with a pair of high heeled ankle-boots or sneakers, and combine them with a loose coat or a short fur coat. 


  • Vinyl all the way!

Vinyl is coming back from the 90s and it’s becoming the favorite material of fashion experts. Vinyl, which is a hard and stiff material, can be a beautiful tight pair of trousers or tights, and even a great jacket. Something to pay attention to is the body type of the woman who will wear it, since a vinyl skirt or pair of trousers is far from flattering for curves or a short stature.

Tip: Combine your vinyl jacket with other materials and metallic pieces for a more modern outfit.


  • New trend alert!

The new trend we saw this year are puffers. In the various runways that took place in Paris, we saw the new trend of the puffer, that goes well with an athletic style, but also with an elegant and Chic outfit. So, our dressing is getting modern and stylish. 

Tip: Pay attention to the length of the coat, especially if you’re short, in order to achieve the correct and stylish result you desire.


  • Emphasize your waist.

This winter we will combine many loose clothes since it’s cold and it’s not rare to have many layers of thick clothes one over the other, and this is often a cause of worry regarding whether we appear elegant or not. This year, we will see new ways to emphasize and “tighten” our waist correctly besides tying a thin belt around it. Put on your warmest sweater, your favorite jacket, and tie a small waist purse. This “banana-shaped” system can take you out of the hard position to choose the correct bag for your outing, and make you appear elegant. 

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