This year’s new trends were already seen from the first month of 2018, with high-waisted jeans and white midi dresses making the difference in the heart of winter, with long coats being preferred. We will show you the top 6 trends that you have to follow this year, and how to wear a particular piece in different ways.  


  • Vinyl Tricks.  

The Vinyl skirt appeared for the first time in 2017, and despite everything, it remains in style this year, but how can we wear it twice in a week showing it off without making it seem ordinary? Fashion editors have the solution, presenting 3 different ways to wear it: Rock, Chic, and Athletic. Combine your skirt with a “well-worn” rock t-shirt and ankle boots, or alternatively, with your favorite sweatshirt and sneakers.


  • Floral is the new stripped.

It’s a fact that Floral pieces came back in fashion, and we of course don’t mean the ordinary floral dresses that are combined with high heels for a relaxed drink in the night, but those that can be worn with Punk-rock tones, or combined with over-the-knee boots in the winter. For you who likes the 90s and want to feel comfortable and stylish in your morning coffee or brunch, don’t hesitate to wear a maxi floral dress with boots or flat sneakers, with an oversized jean Jacket.


  • The white dress.

White pieces seem to be this year’s strongest trend, since white dresses can easily be worn in the winter as well, with a little more Styling. Combine your white dress with Victorian pieces in black or burgundy, to achieve the ultimate Chic outfit.  

Tip: Pay attention to your white dress’ fabric, since it has to be thick enough to be supported by your wardrobe’s other winter pieces; thin white dresses can only be worn in Spring and Summer.


  • White jeans on the way!

White Jeans can be easily combined with oversized sweaters, and even with shirts and many types of jewelry for a more boho style. It’s better to combine white leg Jeans with ankle boots and loose coats in the winter, and espadrille and blouses in the summer.


  • Denim again?

Denim overalls are back, and you have to be ready to wear them exactly like Merlin Streep did in MAMA MIA! With a simple crop-top and sandals in the summer, and in the winter, they can be combined with big colorful earrings and high-heels.


  • Red Blazer

A red blazer can make your outfit look different, since it’s a key piece for a stylish style. Red seems to be a protagonist this year as well, since it’s a beautiful and elegant trend that transforms a boring outfit to one that’s smart and elegant.


Menia Lepesioti