Spring is here for good and being the season of spontaneity and carelessness it demands more colors this year on both your clothes and shoes. So, you have to let the floral and motifs get into your life again by ignoring all those dull colors of winter. Also, do not be afraid to put on your favorite shoes as they can complete the “perfect” dress.

  • Espadrilles. A pair of espradilles can naturally take you out of trouble because you can wear them all day. They made their reappearance last year and continue this year to complete each boho-casual look. In the market you will find a wide variety of Espadrilles of different texture and color to choose from.

Tip: If you want to feel comfortably stylish at your evening night outs too, choose a pair of leather espradilles.

  • Flatsandals. Of course the classic sandals could not be missing this year from our wardrobe. The “easy” choice for every woman who needs a flat shoe is nothing else than the summer sandals, whether they ‘re colored or even flatforms.

Tip: Combine “Ancient Greek” sandals in nude shades with a cocktail dress for a stylish, evening out.

  • Highheel sandals. Of course for the days or nights that require high heels, we have the solution this year too. High heel sandals this time have a boho mood, embellished with embroidered details and fringes.

Tip: Do not be afraid to pick colored high heels as they can give “another” air to your full-white look.

  • Mulesis the answer! A new trend that made a comeback in 2017 is also the mules shoes. These stylish shoes are divided into flats and high-heels and come in many pale colors and motifs. Flat mules are the no 1 choice of many fashion bloggers as they can make a simple minimal dress elegant and contemporary..

Tip: Combine your flat or high heel-mules with the androgynous look for a more contemporary and stylish effect.

  • One pieceflats. Of course for all of you who that are not very fond of high heels or mules, spring-summer 2017 suggests slippers. When we say slippers we do not mean the rubber sandals of the beach but those we can find in metallic colors and designs and are perfect for a walk.

Tip: Do not underestimate this kind of flats as they can differentiate the casual outfit of your summer vacation. Combine your metallic slippers with a maxi skirt and a top.

  • Its all about sneakers.

Of course, you can not renew your spring-summer wardrobe without adding a new pair of sneakers. These simple shoelaces have been the most important shoes for many decades since they can now be combined with more formal clothes. So women who want to “play” with their outift and mix the official look with a more athletic one, they only have to add a pair of white sneakers to their wardrobe. Of course, for all of you who want to experiment a little more try the nude sneakers – colored or embroidered sneakers

  • Like a ballerina!

The trend of the ballerina came back again this year. A fashion that started again last year continues dynamically this year with some variations. The ballerinas returned dynamically with small and large cords to decorate them and straps that tie up to the ankle. Their noses are no longer rounded, they are pointed and have no patterns.


Menia Lepesioti