Being a girl who does not exceed 1.55 cm, I have been struggling to figure out what flatters my silhouette and what trends I can follow. New trends emerging from social media everywhere combined with new trends of each time were enough for me to spend hours in the dressing rooms trying to find my own stylistic identity while feeling how “unfair” and “disproportionate” my body is which does not allow me to look like all those tall and trained girls on Instagram. So listening to all the “musts” and “should not” by fashion specialists I understand one thing: Nothing is more important than to love yourself and to realize how special you are. Because, if you do not feel proud of yourself then who will? And if you do not feel beautiful then how do you expect the others to see it? I mean, you define the style that suits you, but also your character, on your own regardless of whether you reach your favorite cologne from the second shelf (thankfully we never lose our humor). However, it is nice to show our beautiful elements in the best possible way searching for the right advice without getting sucked by of all these “musts” of the fashion world.

V neck

A nice midi dress or a sleek V-line shirt can bring out your elegant neck without making your outfit exaggerated and bottled. Naturally V clothes tend to “steal” some points making your silhouette look elegant and sexy.

Tip: Be careful. During the summer season we are careful when combining V-clothes with the rest of our look as it can easily be turned from stylish-minimal to second class and careless.

Tall pants – bell bottoms

This timeless advice may now be even more relevant than ever. The trend of tall trousers has come to stay, which all petite girls have to take advantage of. Tall jeans or fabrics are suggested to all petite women as they make their feet look thin and tall with whatever they combine.

Tip: Match your jeans with an airy shirt to get the most elegant look this summer.

Trouser – shoe combination

As it is known, shoes, either high heels or flats, complete your outfit giving it the style it needs. Combining your high heels with a cloth trouser not only highlights your outfit but still gives you points in your stature.

Tip: Combine a total nude look with nude heels or high-heeled sandals and you’re ready for the coolest cocktail in town.

Highlight your waist

The no 1 rule of petite girls is to emphasize their waist in whatever way they can. In particular, the corset trend that reminds of the 90’s came back in 2017 to help you not only sharpen your waist and show off your feet but also make you the most fashionable girl this season.

Tip: Do not worry about your wide summer dress, place a small-medium belt around your waist and make a knot. So, your waist is easily highlighted quickly and simply.

Vertical patterns – right prints

Vertical motifs, such as vertical stripe, give a few points even in those days when you do not have the power to wear your favorite high heels. The right floral not only highlights your outfit but also creates an illusion around your height.

Accessories and jewelery

It is important for every woman to know the type of accessories she likes and fit in her style. When it comes to a petite woman, however, we need to be careful. A large shoulder bag or a large back-pack could “betray” us as it hides a serious part of the body. So we always choose accessories (even jewelry) of small or medium size making our own combinations.

Tip: Wear a lot of dainty jewelery and you will notice that they will give some more air to your outfit. Moreover, avoid wearing a scarf on your neck when you are not wearing a top with V.

Monochrome dresses

Monochrome dresses are perhaps the best choice for a petite girl. Choose your favorite color and make a total look. Also, you may want to prefer mini or mid skirts as they tend to make the legs look thinner and taller. Alternatively, combine a total look with a fabric bell bottoms.

Tip: Whatever from the above you choose to adopt, remember that you are unique and you do not need another body to prove your worth. Show the good side of yourself at every opportunity. Trust youself.

Menia Lepesioti