Olia by Ani - 5

We live in a difficult period, in the period of Global economic crisis… Are we condemned? And my answer will be “Actually, NO”. We are not the first people who have faced some difficulties in life, neither will we be the last ones.

Life will never stop astonishing us; positively or negatively. Life was always multifaceted and full in order for us to learn… Loves, marriages, wars, friendships, disappointments, etc, all of these are in life and worth experiencing.

We must try to do what is good for all of us and we should never forget that our lives are not separate; we live among and with people. So, we all share a common life in which one person influences the other and each of our actions, good or bad, affects our life. It is worth the effort because inaction leads to one sure end, while hope presents to us an unknown road whose name is life.

So, leave behind you the negative thoughts and take your life into your own hands! Try! Invest in yourself! And begin to offer your best!

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