Another trend that will be of concern to us this season is not the style of jeans you should prefer but the way you will decorate them. It is known that in the 1960s teenage girls and adult girls were adding embroidered details to their jeans to differentiate themselves from the rest and show their character. Thus, embroidered denim is one of the most chic and smart choices.

  • Embroidered jackets – bomber jackets:
    Do you have an old and timeless jacket forgotten in your wardrobe? Now you can make it look like a new one by adding flower patches on it and even adding embroidery details on it in agreement with your motif. Embroidered jackets as well as embroidered bomber-jackets give a vintage feel to your look.

Tip: Combine your embroidered jacket with your olive military skirt for a more chic outfit.



  • Embroidered sweater shirts:
    ​Embroidered shirts can be easily worn with a pair of leather tights or trousers even in the morning. They are stylish just like embroidered sweaters that are combined with white shirts

Tip: Prefer a dark embroidered sweater and put it over your total black outfit.



  • Embroidered denim skirts:
    ​This trend in denim skirts may be the most common and at the same time stylish choice for fashion bloggers. Denim pants that follow this trend are easily combined with both your favorite high heels and your flats you love so much for the days you feel tired but want to feel chic. The embroidered skirt can turn your everyday outfit into a more formal one that can support you at all times of the day.



  • Embroidered Bags:
    ​Embroidered handbags are among the most in-style accessories in street style in fashion weeks. These bags complete a daily outfit by adding a maximalist item.

Tip: Combine your embroidered bag and with a more boho outfit and do not be afraid of fabrics and motifs.


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