Every “big” fashion town has its own pulse and, by extension, its own style. The style of London is not a new phenomenon. Thousands of photographers have captured London Street Style even since the 1960s. So, in the city of contradictions, we find the strangest and at the same time worthwhile “street outfits” that are worth noticing and inspiring. We give you 10 steps to help you adopt the Brit-look that suits you.

Classic is the answer.
It’s a fact, at London Street Style you meet the magic of classic and at the same time you feel its mixing with the modern rhythm of life. At this point we talk about the amazing Zip Culottes that are still in fashion and are worn at all times of the day with both high heels and flats.

Tip: Combine your own Zip Culottes with an oversized sweater and a pair of metal studs or flats for an impressive morning look. Also combine it with a Victorian shirt and high heels making your outfit more formal



New trend alert!
The new trend of the week that will appear and your favorite London habit is the midi skirts with the Oversized tops. This outfit will help you look elegant and stylish on the hot days of spring and the cold autumn days as we are talking about an outfit that suits the transition seasons like these.

Tip: Combine your black leather skirt with a warm sweater, leaving the details of a lacy shirt showing at the height of your wrist. Of course we are talking about the no 1 Stylish choice of fashion bloggers in London.



Nothing is “too much”.
According to Hannah Almassi, the London girl wears whatever makes her happy. She is serious but at the same time she plays with her image combining pieces of many different fabrics and designs without thinking that her outfit is “too much”. Still, you can differentiate your look with embroidered denim and colorful touches.

Tip: Try to combine two different prints, either floral or simple patterns for making your outfit different from the rest. Also, do not be afraid to wear the transparent dress over a black bodysuit with a tight or cloth pants. This would give you such a chic result.



The Special Jacket:
During this period, the strange and colorful coats and jackets made their resounding appearance. London Street Style was quick to adapt to the elegance and minimalism it inspires. So if you can “adopt” such a Jacket in your wardrobe you are sure to change your simple everyday dress as it is worn mainly with simple pieces.



The special pair of shoes:
As we have said above, the Londoners have a special style and that’s why they are looking to find rare and different accessories in various small local boutiques to complete their outfits. The shoes are what we would say, their most basic accessories. They think that “unusual” and eccentric high heels or flats can give a special touch to their outfit.

Tip: A pair of metal studs or flats or a pair of high heels embroidered or with colored details can transform your outfit and make it stand out.


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