The 90’s are definately back for this season, as clothes and accessories we’ve seen in the seasons of Kate and Naomi Campbell are also preferred this year. Tall jeans, chokers and bomber jackets are now the most stylish pieces of our wardrobe. So one of the hottest trends of the season could not be anything other than the fishnet tights. A trend that has divided us as it needs attention to avoid a “cheap” look.

Combination of formal skirt – fishnet tight.
Even in the days when jeans and cloth trousers still look like a routine of everyday life, there is a solution. Now combine your favorite skirt with a thin fishnet tight, making your outfit sleek and tough.

  • Tip: Combine your mini leather skirt with a simple sweater, fishnet tights and over-the-knee boots for a more chic and contemporary look. Do not be afraid to combine fishnet tights with midi and maxi skirts as well, especially if you wear them with Victorian style shirts.

Jeans and fishnet tights:
​One of the most “in” looks that many fashion bloggers prefer during this period are jeans combined with fishnet tights. This outfit could be the “easy solution” for an evening cocktail in the city center. Combine it easily with a simple crop-top, tight or more loose.

  • Tip: Wear the fabric zip culottes and your fishnet tights with a white minimal T-shirt as suggested by fashion blogger Kristina Bazan. So your outfit will look more stylish and “expensive”.

Combination of dress – fishnet tights:
If you prefer the formal look for both morning and evening hours, combine your favorite dress with a simple t-shirt and fishnet tights to make your outfit sleek.

Tip: Combine this outfit with high heels or even sneakers. Be careful though, try not to mix many different patterns, prefer the most minimal pieces of your wardrobe.

Fishnet details:
If you want to try something different and at the same time create an outfit based on the details, then you have to follow this trend. Combine fishnet socks with tall jeans, short cloth trousers and skirts of any length to show your ankles. Immediately afterwards, add high heels or sneakers and you are ready to show the fisnet details of your look with discretion and comfort.


Menia Lepesioti