It’s finally the time to let winter’s stress and worries go away, and quickly make our suitcase to leave. Most of us choose to escape to an island and the few days of relaxation that will be given to us, and other worries and thoughts start then: What will I wear at the island? Maybe it’s too much? So, we give answers to those questions, to calm you down enough to enjoy your vacations.

  • Airy dress

Surely, in a warm place like an island, you can’t wear your favorite long pantaloon all the time, so don’t hesitate to free your legs and show them off with a mini white dress. We suggest an airy dress in boho style, that can be worn any time of the day.

Tip: Combine the mini dress with nude sandals that tie up to the ankle or knee (they can be found in various islander boutiques) for an elegant morning outfit, whether it’s a cool dip in the sea or a cold coffee date. You can add various accessories like bracelets or long earrings for an evening cocktail.


  • High waisted shorts.

Of course, the high-waisted shorts can’t be missing from your suitcase. The quick solution for a comfortable and on the same time modern casual outfit is still the famous denim shorts, that can be easily combined with a simple polo t-shirt or an airy shirt. If you want to play with colors and motifs, we suggest cloth shorts, that make your outfit elegant and stylish

Tip Combine your cloth shorts with off-the-shoulder tops to follow the summer’s new trend.


  • Off- the- shoulder tops.

Since last summer, off-the-shoulder tops made their appearance, and they still remain in this season’s top trends. So, you can easily and quickly combine such a top with denim shorts and mini-midi skirts.

Tip: Choose carefully the accessories you’ll add to this outfit, avoid medium-sized necklaces. Instead, prefer summer chockers or long boho earrings.


  • Coverall

Of course, you can’t leave your coveralls out of your suitcase. We suggest stripped maxi or mini one-pieces, combined with small minimal accessories. You can also wear flat sandals or flip-flops for a more casual outfit.  


  • Airy shirts.

What if it is summer? The white shirt is never out of fashion. Especially the airy shirts can be worn over your swimsuit (if they’re oversized), a simple belt and flat shoes, but also with oversized  trousers or a pair of cloth shorts. 



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