Whatever the trend of the season and whichever one you follow, one thing is certain, dresses are never going to be missing from your wardrobe. As you may have noticed, there have been times that dresses have saved you from the trouble of choosing the right outfit that fits in any circumstance. That’s exactly why there are five types of dresses that every woman should own.

  • Work dress:

You may wear jeans every day, but there is a always a moment when you want to wear a nice and pretty dress. The work dress is what will take you out of the dress routine and will make you look elegant and formal wherever you are in either work or some job interview.



  • The day to night dress:

The day to night dress is what will take you out of the ordinary when you are forced to miss the whole day from home for various occasions. It’s the dress you can wear from morning through evening in order to look chic in every moment of the day.




  • Little black dress:

The “little black dress” is the absolute must without exaggeration. It is classic and stylish and can be worn at all times of the day. It is the no 1 choice for many fashion bloggers and can be combined easily and quickly.

Tip: Combine your own little black dress with a white Victorian shirt making it suitable for mainly the morning hours.



  • Cocktail dress:

The cocktail dress seems to be necessary for a complete wardrobe. This particular dress can be worn on a formal outing with your friends whatever the occasion.



  • Maxi dress:

Most women believe that maxi dresses are worn for more formal occasions. This “stereotype” however has changed and the new trends suggest the maxi dress at all times of the day.

Tip: Combine your long dress with sneakers or flat sandals (summer) making it more casual, whether it’s velvet or cloth.



Menia Lepesioti