Kate Moss was born on January 16, 1974 in England and became known for the “heroin chic look” that broke in the 1990s. She is also known for her controversial personal life, relationships, lifestyle parties and drug use. Moss changed the look of modeling and started a global “counter” for eating disorders and her role in “size zero” fashion. In 2007, she came second at the top of Forbes where she was estimated to have won 9 million in one year.

12767786_230791653928300_1155846265_nKate Moss was discovered in 1988 at the age of 14 by Sarah Doukas, model hunter for Storm Model Management, at JFK New York Airport after a vacation in the Bahamas. Her career began at 16 when Corinne Day photographed her for the British magazine “The Face”. Kate Moss became the “anti-supermodel” of the decade as opposed to the “supermodels” of the season, such as Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell, who were known for their curved tall silhouettes.

In 1995 she won the 22nd place of the 100 Sexiest Women, while in 1999 she was ranked 9th in the 50th Most Sexy Women at Maxim. In the same year, American Vogue wrote that she was one of the “Modern Muses”. In March 2007, Moss won the first place of the NME Awards as the Most Sexy Woman. She has won many awards for her style, including C.F.D.A. “Influence In Fashion” and a place on Vanity Fair’s list of the best-dressed people in the world. At the beginning of the 21st century, she was, together with the actor Sienna Miller, one of the main boho-chic supporters.

KateMossDavidYurman01Moss has been campaigning for the biggest fashion magazines such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Rimmel, Bulgari etc. She has been photographed for the biggest fashion magazines, including the French Vogue (as well as other international magazines ), Vanity Fair, W, etc. Moss has appeared on the cover of the British Vogue 30 times. She has worked with the most famous photographers such as Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti, Steven Klein, Juergen Teller and Peter Lindbergh. In July 2005 she won the Vogue / CFDA Award from the “Fashion Designers of America” ​​Association as “Fashion Inspiration”. In April 2005 she made a television advertisement for Rimmel.

12746072_230797303927735_1325517045_nOn September 15, 2005, Daily Mirror featured on its front page Moss using cocaine in a Babyshambles recording with her then partner, singer Peter Doherty. The scandal was enormous so Moss was forced to state a public apology and go to a detox center. On 20 September 2005, H&M announced that it would break the contract with Moss following the drug complaints. One day later, Chanel announced that it would not renew the contract with Moss, which ended in October, although the company said its decision had nothing to do with the drug scandal. Then Burberry also decided to stop working with Moss. Moss, however, during this time made a campaign for Dior, was also on the cover of W and designer Alexander McQueen, during a show, wore a t-shirt saying “We love you Kate”.

12751904_230798060594326_647621465_oMoss ended her relationship with Doherty, and on 16 June 2006, she was acquitted of all charges for lack of evidence, since photographs of the alleged drug use are not acceptable evidence in English courts. Twelve months after the cocaine scandal, Moss made a dynamic return with 18 campaigns for the Fall-Winter 2006 season, including Rimmel, Agent Provocateur, Virgin Mobile, Calvin Klein Jeans and Burberry. She also designed a collection for Topshop and started creating a perfume named after her in cooperation with Coty in 2007.

12736336_230798170594315_2071108751_nAccording to Forbes, Moss has earned more money after the cocaine scandal than ever before. In 2004-2005, her profits were $ 5 million, and in 2005-2006 earnings amounted to € 8 million. In 2007 with an estimated $ 9 million profit, she was the second most expensive model in the world after Gisele Bündchen. On May 1, 2007, a collection designed by Moss was launched exclusively for the Topshop chain, across the UK in 225 store chains. In collaboration with Coty, Moss has released four perfumes. At the beginning of 2010 she designed a range of bags for Longchamp. She has appeared in music videos such as “I Just Do not Know What to Do with Myself” by Elton John, “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” by Marianne Faithfull, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash, etc.

12735796_230798360594296_1923032193_nMoss from her relationship with the author of Dazed & Confused, Hack Jefferson gave birth on September 29, 2002 to her daughter named Lila Grace Moss Hack. On July 1, 2011, she married Jamie who was the guitarist in Kills and John Galliano designed the wedding dress. Kate Moss in addition to fashion is actively engaged in charity. She has helped launch the charity SamandRuby in March 2006. The charity has begun to provide funding for education and housing for Thai children. The organization was named after a friend of Moss, Samantha Archer Fayet, and her 6-month-old daughter who were killed in the tsunami while visiting Thailand. Kate Moss also supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation against AIDS and Breakthrough Breast Cancer against breast cancer.


«I am pleased to offer my support for vital research funding, because so many lives are affected by this terrible illness».

Kate Moss is a legend for fashion, in 2008 a gold statue was made in her form, part of a show at the British Museum. The $ 2.8 million worth 100% golden statue was made by Marc Quinn, who described Moss as “the perfect beauty of the moment”. The statue is said to be the largest golden statue that has been created since the time of Ancient Egypt!!!




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