Vrisohori is one of the most secluded villages in Zagoria and among the most beautiful ones as its setting is one of the most finest balconies of Greece. The nothern wall of Timfi (Gamilla) stands on the opposite side of the village, with its steep slopes of hundreds of meters, grooves, slots, and irs impressive peak Tsuka Rossa seeming inaccessible. Tsuka Rossa in Vlach means Red Top and the name apparently comes because at the sunrise the peak is bathed with the first red color of the dawn. Climbing Tsuka Rossa is considered difficult and that is why it is the dream of every mountaineer and climber. It is probably the only place in Greece where one can see snow 365 days a year and at the foot of Tsuka Rossa there are large pieces of glaciers that do not melt not even in the summer heat waves.

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