Minimalism is not a new trend as it is an artistic stream that emerged right after the Second World War and developed mainly in the 1950s. Since then, the term “minimalism” has been used to describe something simple and rigorous. The minimalist style, as we see, is dominant over time in the arts and decoration as well as in the fashion industry itself. Simplicity in the lines is one of the main features of the minimal look.

  • Less is more
    ​The minimalist dressing looks for a balanced result without looking too sophisticated while expressing its simplicity and elegance. The no 1 feature of the minimal look, of course, is the substraction. Bohemian jewels have no place in minimalism. Let simplicity and symmetrical lines show off your silhouette without mixing many different patterns such as floral. On the contrary, take advantage of the torn and wide-chested high-heeled pants as well as oversized shirts.

Tip: If your weakness is jewelry and you can not imagine a day without a bracelet or a necklace, try to choose fine jewelry mainly in the tones of gold, silver and bronze. So, your outfit will look Chic and “expensive”.


  • Basic colors

​The basic colors in the minimalist dress are mainly white and black, perhaps the safest and at the same time chic combination that you could choose for both morning walks as well as an official night out. Of course, total black and total white dresses have their honor. However, the “50 shades” of minimalism are not limited here, the nude, earthy and “pale” colors can take you out of the routine, highlighting your stylish outfit.

Tip: Combine a simple monochrome midi or maxi dress by adding an oversized Jean Jacket. Also, you can create a total black look with gold details.

  • Stunning pieces and accessories.
    Of course, colors will not come out of your life nor of course those pieces of your wardrobe that are more special. So when you decide to wear this special piece of clothing, try to combine it with more luscious pieces that will reveal its character. Be careful of the accessories that come with your minimal style as you can choose symmetrical bags and more “serious” sunglasses.

Tip: If your accessories like your bag or high heels have intense shades, try to apply the full color looks to make them look better as your outfit will look elegant and thoughtful.



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