13331150_591174617718421_3044634325727183640_nRiachovo or Ntovritsi Lake is located near Riachovo village, within a unique oak forest. Its extend is around 45 hectares and its shape is square with a small, aquatic protrusion to the north, hosting reed and a small beach, while its jewel is a small islet in the middle that acts as refuge for many and important species of coastal birds.The greater hydrological basin of the area forms a significant wetland below the lake that is full of reeds and is the largest refuge for coastal birds in the area. There are two small ponds filled with water lilies forming from the lake, which are the extent of the aquifer system in the area. The low flatlands in the area, climate type and the human factor greatly define the vegetation in the greater area. A uniform vegetation zone has formed in the region, starting from the river and torrent beds and going up to the mountain peaks. This zone includes the cultivable areas, the forests near the rivers that consist of poplars, alders, elms and willows, quercus coccifera, scrublands, extended oak-forests, arbutus, wild olive trees, cedar, krania, redbud, heath, etc. During visits to the area, it is worth touring around the lake and the small wetlands that form around it which are suitable for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.

Photo: Amalia Lampri

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