Photo: Amalia Lampri

Pramanta is built on an altitude of 840m at the foot of Strogoula , the most imposing peak of Tzoumerka (Athamanian Mountains), in central Pindos. The adjacent settlements Tsopelas and Christoi are the first settlements of Pramanta citizens at River Arachthos. The village was developed in the mid 15th century by settlers and farmers and later by refugees who were persecuted mainly from Epirus and took refuge there because of the inaccessible area. Today there are many services available in the village like health center, schools, library, shops, restaurants, bars and accommodation. The natural beauties, the hospitality and tourist infrastructure make it a wonderful destination all year round.

The area of Tzoumerka is full of trees, and its flora and fauna are particularly rich. There, you can also find the River Arachthos and its tributary, the Kalarytikos. There are also several tributaries of Acheloos and Arahthos that derive from Athamanika Mountains. Near the rivers of the region, one can find many alternative tourism agencies that are actively offering some of the finest rafting and kayak trips in Greece.

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