12645217_224023547938444_7998354001891610775_nWHAT IS FASHION?

Fashion is the temporary trend of expressing a standardized way of behavior among members of a society. The word comes from the Latin word “modus”, which means way. Fashion becomes a way of life and expression, which is connected to accepting new ideas and trends. Fashion trends are not just about the appearance of a man, but much more about all areas of activity, entertainment, art, decoration, behavior and values. Fashions come and go, but sometimes it can withstand time and overcome the ephemeral barrier. However, especially in today’s times, trends quickly fade and are forgotten. Fashion can be distinguished by variety, inspiration and alternations. It can indicate good tendencies or be bad and sterile. It is, however, a fact that fashion is the mirror of society that gives birth to it.

In addition, fashion existed at any time. In the Minoan and Mycenaean times the colors were intense, the clothes were fancy and the jewels were imposing. In the Renaissance the nobles adopted costume choices that combined luxury and elegance. In the years of Modern Greek Enlightenment, French culture was fashionable, while observation was the privilege of the few and was a sign of economic and social power. Today, however, it is an expression of all classes.


Adopting fashion brings both positive and negative results. Beginning with its positive results, fashion manages to stimulate the market by supplying it with new, larger variety and better quality products, allowing the creation and development of new professional sectors and lifting the standard of living. It then strengthens the economy of the state, while at the same time it is a means of international advertising of the country. However, as we know, fashion is also a cultural guide, since it strengthens the particular elements that make up a person’s physiognomy, develops the aesthetics of the person, refines the feelings and cultivates the soul when, of course, the receiver holds a critical attitude and when the products are stylish. Summing up, it stimulates the self-confidence of man, pushes him into the effort of economic and social development and makes him tasteful and ambitious.

Still, fashion is a controversial issue as it has multiple implications. In the first place, it often leads the person to overconsumption and the deification of material goods. It turns it into forms of entertainment that remove it from healthy entertainment and lead it to economic and psychosomatic wear, while its criteria are identical to its wishes. It can also disorient the person in such a way as to make the external appearance a factor of happiness and success by ignoring the inner integration. In some cases he alters himself and his way of life, turning him into superficial. Finally, it works flatteningly and totally, promoting the maze, makes the art standard, while it presents as a negative element the diversity and the originality.

In conclusion, I think fashion must take the right place in our lives. By measure and without exaggeration, we accept elements that do not distract us from ourselves and our personal taste because fashion requires aesthetic treatment and self-knowledge.

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