Do you think you have it?

First of all, style is the identification between the interior and the outside world. When these two are not in harmony, we can say we have no style.

Anna Udtor, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, states this:

“Personal style is ultimately not about narcissism, but about the respect towards others, combined with a healthy self-confidence.”


How can you be in style?

Things are simple. Follow these general tips:
• Recognize and highlight the strengths of your personality.
• Learn to appreciate what you are and try not to represent something else.
• Keep a low profile without false modesty.
• Have a positive attitude towards life.
• Be sensible to others. Calmness and courtesy should characterize you.
• Show elasticity to the opinions of others. Understanding and respecting the point of view of others does not mean that you are already conspiring.
• Accept the obstacles of life with creativity. Besides, there are no dead ends in life, you just have to see things wider.
• Never complain publicly.

Many people allow themselves to follow the latest trends in fashion without taking into account their body, personality, age and lifestyle. It is difficult to distinguish the boundary between originality and ridiculousness. Exposure to the media, filled with messages that link happiness to aesthetics, captivates us and can turn us into fashion victims. The point is to look inside you to see the importance of fashion in your life. How markets affect your psychology? How often do you tend to make meaningless purchases and then regret it?

The basic thing is to believe in yourself and the inner beauty that you are hiding. This reflects your overall external image.

“Whatever clothes you choose to wear, if you are not well with yourself, you will never support them”. George Doumanidis

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