Spring is welcoming us this year with many “pale” shades and various patterns dominating street style clothes. For another year, pink, in all its shades, seems to dominate the big catwalks and remind us of 2000’s trends that come and go. Of course, most women are afraid to combine it or add it to their outfit because of the romance and innocence it exudes. Pink, today is not considered as “cliché”, but instead it makes your outfit trendy and expressive.

  •  Chic in Pink

If you want to “break” the black-and-white dress rule, all you have to do is combine you pink T-shirt or shirt with your favorite leather skirt. This spring, you can easily add a pink t-shirt to your daily outfit that can be worn from early April until mid-September, or even a see through shirt for your formal appearances.

Tip: Combine a pink-satin top with menswear or oversized pieces, making your outfit look chic and alternative.

  • Classic Pink

Of course, pink can be worn at all ages and support many different outfits. Women, especially those who prefer the classic look, can combine “pale” pink-cigarette trousers with loose shirts or narrow tops to show off their waist and curves. If you still prefer a punk – chic outfit, do not be afraid to add the eccentric pink pants to your look since they will give you more air.

Tip: If you want to dare a little more, follow the pink trend, trying a total pink outfit. Be careful with the pink shades you will be picking as well as make sure that the eccentric pieces you will add to your look are no more than two.

  • Girly look on the way

If you are a great fan of pink, you can take advantage of this year’s trend, making your outfit look “girlish” and fairy-tale like. Wear your midi or maxi skirt with metallic heels or sneakers making your outfit look elegant and romantic. Also, you can achieve total pink look with a long pink dress and a lot of accessories

Tip: Do not be afraid of shiny or glitter accessories for this look. If you would like it to be more minimal, watch the cuts of the skirt or dress and add more discreet jewelery.

  • Mix and match

If you want to make your look even more extreme, you can combine various pieces in “pale” colors with an eccentric pink coat or leather jacket.

  • Spice up the pink!

If you are not a big fan of pink and you find it exaggerated, there is a solution. You can select pieces in shades close to pink. You can also decorate your outfit with accessories such as handbags and high heels in pink shades, making your outfit look chic and expensive..

Menia Lepesioti