The Parisians’ philosophy is something that we will be studying for years to come, since we’re talking about the most spontaneous, independent, and proud women of Europe. The way they move and how they make sure their presence is felt, is enough to prove that this is an interesting woman who is busy and doesn’t have the time for a simple coffee with you, but has abundant time to read her book in the bakery next door. The Parisian is a woman who will wear her favorite red lipstick for a quick trip for bread, but will not wear any makeup to work. The discussion surrounding the Parisian women started with the book “How to be a Parisian: Wherever you are”, which I managed to read in just a couple of days! The opinions held by 5 French women writers and their first-hand reports around the habits of the woman who lives in the city of light, gave me the chance to get to know another culture.

The point I chose to focus on from the whole book was about French fashion and its styling “rules” that follow. The Parisians, keeping in their minds the fact that they’re women with a complete opinion on matters of care (facial care, body care, hair care, for example), would never feel exposed in stylistic issues, and thus choose pieces of timeless character, never being out of style. The Parisian is liberated, and so doesn’t hesitate in trying a sexy and elegant outfit without a bra, or she wouldn’t be ashamed to wear a see-though shirt with her favorite lingerie. In contrast with the London woman who avoids combining intense motifs and instead chooses to show them off each by itself, as it’s supposed to be, obeying to dos and don’ts that are learned by their mothers when they were still children.


The Parisian wants to appear daring and unafraid of changes, so she wears big “characteristic” pieces. She shows the dynamism she deserves through her style, following the timeless trend of animal print, completely disregarding the military style. That means that she believes that in order to appear “wild,” she doesn’t need to wear war-friendly clothes. She usually buys leopard print in very large or very small surfaces.  

Tip: Wear a total black look with a pair of leopard high-heels, or combine your favorite white shirt with a pair of jeans and a dark brown croco bag. Also, don’t resist this year’s snake-skin trend.



Even though they are not famous for this, they are women who are involved in sports and will always have their gym card in their wallet. Do not be fooled by the fact that she will enjoy her favorite rosé in the evening or eat a snack or two more, she always wants to have the illusion that she is watching herself and as is also featured in the book “In the morning she will drink green tea even though the day before she drank vodka”. So she shows off her sleek silhouette at every opportunity, canceling every layering trend – always wearing coats that follow the body line or furs that look too big on her body so everyone can understand the excess of her outfit and her peculiar humor playing with her her image and fooling those around her. Layering for a Parisian is a waste of time – lots of clothes, at the right height, one over the other – too much thinking for a dinner. What she’s actually looking for is something chic and Grande at the same time.



Say yes to the earthly colors and follow the favorite trend of the Parisians. Create sets with very pale and dark shades to show the proper contrast that each dress needs to have. Also, combine your white clothes with dark burgundy or brown boots.



The Parisian has no need for unnecessary highlighting of her clothes as she already knows she has the best on the market without this meaning that everything has to cost over 100E or be branded products. So she avoids logos even though she swears by Chanel, she supports local markets and small thrift shops are paradise in her eyes as she can find authentic Vintage pieces at prices that will allow her to enjoy the evening drinking her favorite cocktail. She is stylish and does not need to wear the “sign” of a brand to highlight it, instead she gives her attention to the details and cares for the perfection of the dress by making additions eg. feathers, hair ribbons. In this way, she not only manages to look smart, but she gives life again to her clumsy clothes.

Tip: Take a good look in your mom’s wardrobe and find old pieces that you can adapt to your style. Focus mainly on intense colors such as purple or earthy shades as it is the new trend of this year’s fashion.


The no. 1 rule of the French dressing is about athletic style and, as we have said above, the Parisian is an active woman who likes to keep herself up and constantly upgrade her style, so she will normally join the Pilates lesson at the gym even on the rainy days. But that does not mean you have to wear your sports clothes in the morning-afternoon coffee. That’s why she will always carry a rough jeans and a white shirt in the sports bag in the event of something extraordinary after the gym. Sports pieces can be beautiful and comfortable but belong to the gym.


Of course, white shirts and men’s blue shirts could not be missing from the Parisian’s wardrobe. She hates crop-tops and only wears them for the gym. She styles each shirt differently, which makes it interesting every time she wears it and she usually combines her favorite mom jeans with a white long shirt and a scarf on her neck or long hair. She strongly avoids embroidery and many tears in jeans because they simply do not agree with her image

Tip: Combine your shirt with boyfriend jeans and mules for October and add many necklaces and earrings either gold, silver or bronze. Add your favorite hat or scarf to your hair and then you will have a fashion week look for your job. If you have a small chest, you are lucky, do not be afraid of the deep V even in the winter.


We know that the fashion of “daddy shoes” has attracted many girls as it is one of the most beautiful-ugly-convenient shoes you can wear in your work and coffee, again, to look “stylish” but the Parisian obviously does not agree. She finds them harsh and uncomfortable to walk them as they do not look like the usual athletics she already considers unnecessary in her life. Still, she argues that heights with moderate height are for the “moderate” and she is not. More generally, we can describe her as unpredictable as she is either of height or depth – she will wear ballerinas but her heels will be high or very short. The same perception she has for daddy shoes she also has for “Ugg” as she likes over-the-knee-boots or horse-riding boots.

Tip:Fortger the transparent shoes (pvc), with these materials all you can do is sweat and it shows.

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