13331150_591174617718421_3044634325727183640_nOne of the monuments of Arta, is its famous and legendary bridge. It is the most famous arch bridge of Epirus, which connects the two banks of River Arachthos and it is distinguished by its unique architecture but also for the legends connected with its manufacture.

The construction causes admiration. At times there were repairs and additions made in manufacturing, most recently that of 1612. It is the bridge whose difficult construction gave food to the tradition, the myth, the poetry, the painting, the music and the theater so as to praise the difficult struggle of the man for projects like this. There are charming legends refering to the building of the bridge, with the most touching that of the sacrifice made by the master builder’s wife. The well-known folk song “Arta’s bridge” that was standard for variations across the Balkans, says about a verse: “If you do not haunt a human the bridge does not consolidate”. The popular tradition since ancient times requires sacrifice to the foundations of difficult projects, with the most intense being that of a human sacrifice as the one of the bridge of Arta.

Photo: Amalia Lampri

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