13331150_591174617718421_3044634325727183640_nThe bridge Gretsi is located below the village Palaiopyrgos at Pogoni area in Epirus. It bridges Gormos river at Greci place. It was a passage for the locals who used it to go to their fields and the mill. It has three arches, acquired to the rocks. The big one bridges the cliff that is located directly underneath it and the water creates a waterfall!

I found myself in the area of Paleopirgos in November without having it planned. It was in the evening and I had just a little time until dark. Arriving at Palaiopirgos (Παλαιόπυργος) there was absolute wilderness. There was no one to ask for information and I was just standing out of the car waiting for the ‘deus ex machine’. And he did come in a farm truck. He informed me that the access was impossible for that time. Approaching it with my own car was difficult due to bad road and hiking was a dangerous case because of the sheepdogs of the area. I decided to leave and come back better prepared at the earliest opportunity. Eventually not only did I see the bridge but I also photographed it. A big thank you to Christos Mentis from Kefalovriso, Pogoni for taking the time to guide me to the bridge.

Photo: Amalia Lampri

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