A retrospection in modelling history could not miss paying tribute to the golden girls of the 1990s. These are the Super Models* of the era. Their exit marked the end. The cascade of the absolute super models ended with the advent of the new millennium and we only have Giselle, who, whatever she does, can not get close to the glory of the first super models.

“Their glory was likened to the hottest Hollywood stars and still live in our fantasies because our first love is everlasting.” George Doumanidis


Cindy Crawford

When you talk about top models, the first one that comes to your mind is the one and only Cindy. The absolute goddess marked her time in history for her sexy proportions, mole-fetish and countless covers. With unusual curves, Cindy Crawford will never go out of fashion for us..



Elle Macpherson

The blond Australian had the nickname “The Body” back in the ’90s , thanks to her ideal dimensions and her well-rounded curves. El Macpherson, like many of her colleagues, attempted to move into the cinema area, but her name – a legend in the modelling area – was not enough for her to make it in acting. Pity…



Christy Turlington

The most ethereal and “fragile” beauty that has ever come from the modelling area is Californian and married for five years with actor Edward Burns. Christy may have gone for a long walk in the world’s biggest catwalks, but now she’s a fanatic of yoga and healthy eating. Hmm, a bit of a turnoff, but even if she was a nun on the tallest hillside of Tibet, we will still forgive her.



Claudia Schiffer

The “Brigitte Bardot” of the catwalk is German, and although she has been away for many years, we can not help but think of her winter lips and rich bust. Her concessionaire on the German throne in fashion, Heidi Klum, replaces her deservedly, but nothing compares with the… original.



Linda Evangelista

She is always sexy, with either blond, black or red hair. The chameleon that came out with Bartez was the one who made the bold statement: “I’m not getting out of bed for less than $10,000”. If she was in our bed, we would not let her get up not even for 20,000.



Naomi Campbell

The sexy catwalk of the black cat gazelle is still unsurpassed. Naomi may not be the kindest person, she may slap her colleagues and yell badly, but this does not matter to us. Just look at her photos and rewind the videos with the fashion shows she was attending.



The list of the hottest super-models in the 1990s does not end here, of course … But because it would be extremely “dangerous” for our physical integrity and mental health to fit them all into a tribute, we felt it appropriate to split them into two hot sixths. Wait for your next sexy top models. Until then enjoy George Michael’s unforgettable video “Freedom” for obvious reasons…

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