It’s clearly Fall, and the top fashion styles of this week have begun. Just like every year, this year the famous are being photographed in New York’s streets, while the first fashion shows have started in the “city that never sleeps.” What grabbed the attention of everyone that observes the fashion events and happenings, was the street style of the industry’s famous who dared to bring back pieces from past decades, adapted to today’s standards. We found three NYFW’s styles that you can adapt to your everyday life.

  • Create a set.

Despite sounding strange, most fashion bloggers promise a “well-stylized” style, with continuous motifs and big accessories, to make it more modern and stylish. Your set can be made of two or more pieces (jacket – trousers/jacket – skirt) in vivid or pale colors, without you being restricted in choosing the appropriate accessories, since color blocking is in style again.

Tip: If you choose a set in vivid colors like red, make sure your make-up is soft, in mostly earthly tones, in order to make your face appear youthful and rested. If you choose a set in pale hues, use vivid-colored accessories, to avoid it being indifferent

  • Grey or White.

Of course, someone could say that the editors’ choice to prefer total grey or white looks is a message to the women who follow them, since it shows that black isn’t the only choice, and even in the “Fall’s rainy days” you can still wear your favorite white pair of trousers without guilt, making your mood pick up. The white color was mostly a favorite of the experts in various combinations, giving something alternative to New York’s street style.

  • The jacket that’s in.

New York’s appearances showed us that a jacket or a good coat can make the difference in a style. Plaid jackets were a favorite, and the oversized look wasn’t missing from this year’s street style.

Tip:  Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite pair of jeans with a simple white t-shirt – combining it with a plaid jacket and a pair of sneakers. This way you’ll have a modern and stylish look, even for the boring days at work.

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