High up on the mountain of Pindus in the north of western Greece and in an idyllic plateau of a rather high altitude of 1350m, in the foothills of Mavrovouni, you can find the artificial lake of river Aoos.

Λίμνη Αώου 2

The lake was created with the construction of a hydroelectric dam from the Public Power Corporation (DEI) in 1987.

Λίμνη Αώου 1

It is located between two National Parks, Valia Calda and Vikos-Aoos. To the north one can find Mavrovouni, Flega and Tsuka Rosa, while to the south lie the hills and forests around Chrysovitsa and Metsovo.

Λίμνη Αώου 5

The great natural beauty, the panoramic views and the rare landscape with alpine meadows and forests of conifers and broadleaf trees are a magnet for nature lovers and tourists.The shoreline of the lake is long and lacy with small islands formed inside.

Λίμνη Αώου 1

The elements that make the area particularly important for many species of fauna and flora are large pastures, dozens of small streams with continuous flow of water, small natural lakes and dense forests starting shortly after the banks. You can travel around it by car or by bike and enjoy the scenery which remains amazing all year round with great contrasting colors.

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Photos by Amalia Lampri

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