img_3266“Ferragamo’s lush purple suede and gold metallic kid leather shoe is an exquisite example of historical influence in Italian fashion; the model reworks the basic construction of a fifteenth-century Italian men’s shoe, almost always made of a tough leather and fitted with a soft-pointed toe.”


img_3267Fast Food Fashion Week: Moschino sling back shoes, Fall 2014. Jeremy Scott’s authorized “brand-jacking” of McDonald’s. #Uniformity

In Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moschino, he furthered the brand’s reputation for witty commentary by reinterpreting McDonald’s iconic golden arches. The concept of authorized “brand-jacking” has been used to describe the trend of designers appropriating famous logos. Scott sidestepped charges of trademark infringement by requesting permission from McDonald’s. This didn’t prevent McDonald’s workers from thinking that Scott made mockery of the uniform for their un-glamorous job.


img_3268Hussar Week: Gianni Versace evening shoes, 1992, with ornamental details borrowed from the Hussar uniform. #Uniformity


img_3269Cat Lady : Tokio Kumagaï shoe, circa 1986



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