12895458_252079418466190_1434392877_nDenim pants are the absolute trend of every season. It is a piece that was borrowed from the men’s wardrobe and managed to stay on the most valuable shelf of women. It’s the pants that can be worn from morning till night and to support every appearance with emphasis on the casual character.
Though most people think that the history of denim began in the 1930s, with Levis Strauss the man who made the whole working class of America wear blue jeans, its birth really began much earlier. Place of origin? Italy with the politician Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1830 being praised by the public not only for his beliefs but also for the particular trousers he wore.

12910577_252092638464868_1492946459_nOf course, the revolution took place with Strauss creating a fanatical wave of influence not only in America but also in Europe and the rest of the planet. Tall pants in a comfortable line and denim fabric are one of the basic pieces of the men’s wardrobe. In 1950, cowboys wore it in America, and a decade after, legendary Marilyn Monroe wore in one of her appearances a denim jacket. The – until then – male item becomes more sexy than ever in one of the top idols of history. America’s women are starting to wear denim, perhaps in its most elegant form so far.


Then comes a “dark” decade, that of 70s-80s, where denim knows its most rock version. Worn on stage by the biggest rock stars, it is torn more than ever, while the forms “Led Zeppelin” and later “Madonna” wore surely can not be rated as comfortable. Denim lost its original design: Comfort and elegance.


Fortunately the 90s models, such as Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington with their female curves and their intense sexuality, brought Denim to one of its best styles. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren create denim-based collections, make trends, and everyone is dreaming of a style similar to that of the designer world.

liujoAnd where bootcut jeans and tall trousers are a must in fashion, a tiny little girl with pale skin comes to shake off once again what we thought it was for granted: Kate Moss is re-launching the 80s rock style but upgrading it with the glamor of the time. The top model wears skinny pants, so skinny you wonder if she can take a breath. Models become thiner and sizes in jeans are dropping. Denim is again for the few…


And finally we arrive in today or rather in the last 15 years that things have remained steady. Denim has a simple shape, its patterns are more classic and its lines follow the female silhouette. At last the woman does not need to make a 3-month diet to fit in her favorite denim. Bootcut, skinny, classic and boyfriend trousers can co-exist in a female wardrobe and complete a series of successful shows.

The fashion icons of the season choose the way to wear denim and promote their style. Gisele Bundchen selects classic lines, Rihanna makes eccentric combinations with total denim looks and 80s full-length looks and Olivia Palermo discovers her chic version in a skinny line combined with ballerinas and loose shirts while Sarah Jessica Parker wears it with a turned cuff and her favorite Manolo Blahnik heels.

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