11402687_450913878402067_250641790362541413_nThe truth is that, in order to be fair, there are many different kinds of stylists. It’s just that here in Greece, a stylist’s work is slightly registered between wear and tear. A stylist when he is making his first baby steps in this world dreams of something entirely different (creativity that will stay in history, fashion shows, inspirations that will turn the fashion world upside down, magazine photo shoots in which they will have the general command and in their book the Italian Vogue will recognize in their talents the next styling guru and “I’ll show you, Nicola Formicetti, running errands for Lady Gaga thinking you’re actually doing something!”). But eventually ending up being drowsy – and – because of financial crisis, lacking capital and works while at the same time also experiencing the downfall of magazines (most stylists once earned good paychecks) and being the star’s puppy and mobile wardrobe.

Not to be misunderstood, this was done by some stylists back in the time that was money running arround too and they living a lifestyle sponsored by whatever they were getting from the star. Of course, the star (telepreson, songwriter, cosmic, etc.) has now lower earnings, so she lowered her stylist’s fee as well as a consequance.

Nevertheless, there is the opposite: astonishing minds, who never called themselves “stylist” (rather “coordinators of a fantastic final image, with proper clothes and proper set-up”) and who carry a portfolio of work and photo shoots, which could possibly even be a curriculum in a fashion college abroad. But there are very few of them.

11800350_473121012848020_6148466299086783564_nIn short, there are television stylists who pick up and show clothes at the morning shows and give advice on style, there are the self-styled “stylists” who have dressed little girls in some regional beauty and since then they appear in low level tv shows and comment on what every nobody wore, with a bang and a lot of poison, since they are all unrelated to fashion, “laterns” in the accessories, and bumpkins that do not know how to properly wear an earring, etc. These are dangerous for the public health..! There are the “courtiers”, the (formerly mentioned) stylists of a star who vigorously defend the integrity and importance of whoever is “feeding them” as if they were their blood and their own family, while – as also mentioned above – there are some “fashion editors” who constantly read, update, chase the upcoming trends, find the next big trend and work with more custom-made inspiration and are interested in the “stunning final image”. Usually they come from the golden epochs of magazines, where creativity was a field of development, because there was money to support it.


In this regard, the work of a stylist, what he does, what he does not do, and why he is oscillating our lives: if the stylist is irrelevant, he is harming the portion of the world who carries advice, whether male or female. If he is right and read, let’s say that he is shaping the style of other people. He can give general directions for a person’s overall image, how to dress up how to comb, stand or renounce something in his style, – normally – knows what’s new as a trend in the season but also in the next one, he advises style on particular body types, which of course have not descended from the catwalks but are normal silhouettes with imperfections rather than “clothes hangers”, always tells the truth to the man who carries usable ideas and – necessarily – in the meantime takes care of the ego of the person who he helps with his knowledge, because in this life we ​​all need a little “stand” in what we do, or say, or wear.

For history purposes, the profession of the stylist comes – from elsewhere – from the old Hollywood, while the truth is that now, worldwide, the place has been “messed up” by people who, when they were little, dressed and played with Ken and Barbie, who growed up and decided to do it professionally. Just like that. Without appeal, without reading, without History of Art, without studying on fabrics, without obsession with foreign fashion magazines, without shopping for the exquisite style and the sophisticated image. Just because they feel – perhaps – great amongst the ones that surround them.

The photographic material presented in theis artcle is from the personal collection of Soldier Fashion by Yiorgos Doumanidis.

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