The most common question we make during the weekend is “what should I wear today?” And with this question we are wasting about 17 minutes of an hour to find out what we will wear, according to a recent survey by Marks and Spencer in the Daily Mail. But the issue is not that simple. Most of the time we get into trouble and we are manipulating how we dress according to the occasion or the time and place and we have stuck countless minutes in front of the wardrobe to come up with the same black and white ensemble. In order to end this kind of routine, inspire from the following ideas for all hours of the day.

  • Early bird.

For you who wakes up early in the morning even at the weekend to finish your last work and leave home in a hurry knowing that you may not be able to come back to get ready and leave, there is a solution. You can prepare a complete outfit from the previous night without having to wear the same high waist jeans (we know how much you love wearing them during the week), that you can support from early in the morning to a lunch break with friends. A long or short shirt-dress combined with white satin flats will give you a break from the daily routine, especially during the spring mornings that inspire you for a cool coffee.

Tip: If your work does allow you a Saturday morning excursion, wear the office look by combining a maxi skirt with a simple sleeveless top.


  • Evening thoughts.

The afternoons of the weekend are the time to relax, so you do not need to stress for the right outfit. Those times that you just need a relaxed and stylish outfit for a cool afternoon cocktail with friends, combine the androgynous style with pink-top and high heels or sneakers. If you still prefer something more alternative do not be afraid to combine the stylish zip-culottes with a sports crop-top and ankle boots that is one of the hottest trends of this spring.

Tip: Try not to mix a lot of different fabrics because otherwise your outfit will look “set” and more evening than relaxed. Otherwise, in a formal alternative, dare the maxi dress in pale colors that can do you proud even at your evening walk.


  • Night Owl

The solution for a stylish evening look is not always the little black dress. Try to combine many pieces of your wardrobe with different motifs to have an elegant and complete outfit. Of course, you can achieve total black look with high-waist pants and a black crop-top, but try to add color to your evening outfits

Tip: Try to avoid black or mix it with other pale colors to make your outfit stylish and different than anyone who chooses black pieces for the evening. Therefore, prefer a sleek, full-bodied form in a bright and in fashion color like petrol.



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